Eco Art the People’s Choice

Andrew Zylstra awarded for digital art.

Beyond Bonsai

How often do we treat others as if they were bonsai?

Intentions in print

The Baviaanskloof Nature Awareness Group has published a preliminary brochure outlining its mission and ambitions for its envisioned role in the Baviaanskloof Hartland region.

Mixing Waters

A cross-cultural approach to developing practical guidelines for fishers and boaters in northeast Arnhem Land, Australia.

Connectedness as a core conservation concern

A scientific review article of nature connection and its implications for conservation education and practice.

PhD Dissertation

Download the PhD dissertation

The Neuroscience of Sacred Natural Sites

A collaboration with the Royal Botanic Garden and Beyond Borders Scotland.

Learning in the Field: “Yalada”

It was the final night in the field and the group was lying on an island beach looking up at...