Sea-Change Makers

Sea-Change Makers is an ocean-themed leadership program aimed at developing qualities and capacities for generating positive transformation at the individual and societal level.

EarthCollective has partnered with the Sea-Change Project. The Sea-Change Project is a South African multimedia venture that tells the story of the birth of humanity, and the ancient relationship we all have with the sea. The latest scientific evidence shows that the first modern humans lived at the coast on the southern tip of Africa and archaeological records at the “point of origin” provide the first evidence of cognitive human development, family life, art and human values that we associate with modern humans today. Scientists suggest that it might be “the cradle of the human mind”.

EarthCollective EDGE is taking the lead in developing field and online education courses and leadership programs to communicate these cutting-edge findings, to promote and protect our marine heritage and, most importantly, to support Sea-Change’s primary aim of motivating people to reconnect with themselves through deep nature immersion. It is about precipitating a sea change – one which addresses the pervasive crises in environment and consciousness by rediscovering our relationship with the natural world and our natural design as humans.