EarthCollective is catalysing, creating, enabling and facilitating a growing number of initiatives that – like branches on a tree – are bearing fruit to seed new ideas and interactions. These are some of the positive ideas happening…
Sea-Change Makers
Sea-Change Makers is an ocean-themed leadership program aimed at developing qualities and capacities for generating positive transformation at the individual and societal level.
Nature Connectedness
Deepening understanding of the human-nature relationship and meaningful nature experience through applied research, practice and outreach.
Dolphin Research Project
Understanding how dolphins as marine top predators use their habitat along South Africa's Southern Cape coastline and the role of marine protected areas in supporting their conservation.
Community Building
Cultivating authentic social-cultural regeneration to grow connected and resilient nature-wise communities in South Africa.
Wildlands Studies
Wildlands Studies is an immersive academic field studies program focusing developing practical on-ground skills to support conservation ecology, naturalist observation and the social-cultural context.
Baviaanskloof Nature Awareness Group
The Baviaanskloof Nature Awareness Group is a collective of young adults from Hartland farms and communities who care about the area's nature, history and diversity and wish to share that passion with others.

Past Achievements

Established initiatives which were supported by EarthCollective Members.

Cultural Values of Nature Initiative
CSVPA advises the IUCN World Commission of Protected Areas on the appropriate recognition, conservation and promotion of the cultural and spiritual significance of protected areas in their policy, planning, management and evaluation. CSVPA is also active in promoting cultural and spiritual values in nature conservation beyond protected areas and develops and supports projects and programmes that are in accordance with its mission.
Living Lands
Collaborations working on living landscapes
Living Lands is a not-for-profit organization for conserving and restoring living landscapes. A living landscape consists of a variety of healthy ecosystems and land uses, and is home to ecological, agricultural, and social systems which are managed so as to function sustainably. This ensures that natural and cultural resources are available for future generations and that the system is resilient for adaptation to climate change.
consciousness for connectedness
Established in 2006 as an umbrella initiative for various projects, the most successful being “What did nature do for you today?” , a project designed to communicate the importance of (and science behind ) ecosystem services.
In 2009, the initiative thematically evolved to be a portal and outreach platform for phd research exploring meaningful nature experience, nature connectedness and implications for sustainability education.
Participatory Restoration of Ecosystem Services & Natural Capital, Eastern Cape
An interdisciplinary North-South collaborative platform and multi-stakeholder approach designed to further subtropical thicket research and landscape restoration practice in the Baviaanskloof Mega-Reserve. After a number of successful workshops, it laid the foundations for upscaling catchment-scale restoration and adopting the approach in other areas. Founding Coordinators: Dieter Van den Broeck, Silvia Weel, Matthew Zylstra, Coen Boogerd
Sacred Natural Sites
The Sacred Natural Sites Initiative builds towards an alliance of custodians, traditional knowledge holders, conservationists, academics and others in support of the conservation and revitalisation of sacred natural sites and territories.
ConserBio is an initiative that supports nature conservation and environmental awareness through scientific research and outreach education.