“Positive ideas. Happening.”

EarthCollective is a peer-to-peer network of integral ecologists, educators, facilitators and artists catalysing and enabling initiatives that enhance people’s relationships with nature, themselves and their communities.

Since its inception in 2006, EarthCollective members have successfully setup, supported and coordinated a diverse range of international initiatives including: tertiary conservation field study courses; transdisciplinary research programs; multi-stakeholder participation and engagement processes; landscape-scale ecological restoration research and implementation; community training, up-skilling and empowerment for nature-based professions; and produced creative online media, art, outreach and advocacy in support of ecological awareness, social resilience and sustainable futures.

All these activities ultimately serve to support a profound appreciation of humanity’s interrelatedness and shared aspirations for the greater good.

Simply said, it’s about getting:
“Positive ideas. Happening.”


“We endeavour to think ‘at the edge’ and encourage our partners, stakeholders or students to do the same. We question current paradigms and explore new ones. We identify patterns, connections and mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration and integration. And we act on them.”