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Eco Art the People’s Choice+

Andrew Zylstra awarded for digital art.

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Beyond Bonsai+

How often do we treat others as if they were bonsai?

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Intentions in print+

he Baviaanskloof Nature Awareness Group has published a preliminary brochure outlining its mission and ambitions for its envisioned role in...

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The search for meaning in life: what can nature conservation do?+

The search for meaning in life or for meaningful nature experience, requires some kind of meaningful activity as a prerequisite....

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Mixing Waters+

A cross-cultural approach to developing practical guidelines for fishers and boaters in northeast Arnhem Land, Australia.

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Winding up for another big year?+

Stop for a moment. Before diving in and racing through 2015, give some time and space to finding your antidote...

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Water Learning Journey in the Kouga catchment+

Living Lands organizes and facilitates a learning journey (mobile field trip) into the Kouga Catchment.

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Modest steps toward wildest dreams+

The Baviaanskloof Nature Awareness Group reunited for an important and timely coming together.

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Living Lands in the Eerste River+

Facilitating the secretariat to grow and strengthen the learning, reflection and collective action in the Eerste River.

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The essence of meaningful nature experience+

Does this description ring true for you? Do you get a feel for what these profound experiences are like?

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