EarthCollective is a catalytic and enabling network of ecologists, educators, entrepreneurs and artists generating and facilitating inspired initiatives that seek to enhance and deepen relationships with nature, community and oneself. Our core activities sit within four thematic streams:
Golden afternoon atop a secret spot in the #Baviaansloof - a highlight of our recently completed Wildlands Studies…
17 June 2017
EarthCollective projects synergize as #WildlandsStudies students test a new trail developed by the #Baviaanskloof N…
29 May 2017
Matt spoke at the PRESENCE Learning Village closure on how its sense of place & meanings can be transferred to new…
05 April 2017
Approach the ideas that are considered too "out there". You may see them anew once they are in closer view.
01 April 2017
Proud to see this EarthCollective initiative now independent and flourishing after first planting the seed 10 years…
29 March 2017
EarthCollective member Alejandra Vargas a co-author on this paper finding evidence of humpback whale "super-groups"…
19 March 2017
Delighted to be facilitating #immersivelearning with another @WildlandsStudies field ecology program in #Tasmania.
28 January 2017
Learning the art of bowdrill fire making with the #Baviaanskloof #NatureAwareness Group. #primitiveskills
11 December 2016
"Ideas have shelf life; you must act on them before the expiration date" ~ John L. Mason.
11 November 2016
Eco Art the People’s Choice

Andrew Zylstra awarded for digital art.

Beyond Bonsai

How often do we treat others as if they were bonsai?

Mixing Waters

A cross-cultural approach to developing practical guidelines for fishers and boaters in northeast Arnhem Land, Australia.

Connectedness as a core conservation concern

A scientific review article of nature connection and its implications for conservation education and practice.

PhD Dissertation

Download the PhD dissertation